Danco offers a wide range of services to improve and care for your property. Some of our services are listed below, however if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us for a complementary consultation. Be sure to visit our Gallery to see some of our portfolio of work.

Bobcat Work
Landscape Installations
Drainage Solutions

The skid steer is one of the most versatile machines today. With countless attachments and little room required to work, it ensures an efficient and productive process.

We employ attachments such as:

  • Harley Rake

  • Grapple

  • Land Plane

  • Trencher

  • Auger

  • Brush cutter

These are essential when getting the job done.
We do:

  • Grading

  • Land clearing

  • Back Filling

  • Debris removal

  • Sink hole fill ins

  • Tree stump removal

  • Gravel driveways

  • Concrete tear out

Check out our Gallery for more examples of our work.

Sod installation

-Reclaim your backyard by installing a lush green lawn. Zoysia and Bermuda are favorites in the Atlanta area. We prepare the site by cleaning up and grading and doing necessary improvements and adjustments.Make it easy on yourself, call us for a free estimate.


-Installation of trees and shrubbery.


-Seeding grass can have advantages on its own.

Check out our Gallery for more examples of our work.

Each property and site with its own characteristics and challenges needs a solution that will fit its needs. The Metro Atlanta area speaks for that. To prevent damage and loss of investment in plants, soil, and structure, some solutions and prevention of erosion includes the following.

French drains

-Typically installed when standing water becomes an issue. If you need surface water redirected, we can install this proven system.

Trench drains

-When cuts in concrete driveways or walkways need to be made to redirect water, we can do it.

Dry stream beds

-An attractive way to move runoff water in the right direction.


-Sometimes the simplest solution is the correct one. Settling takes place over time and needs to be addressed to prevent damage.Regrading or importing of soil can be done to improve runoff conditions.

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Using screws only as fasteners has a number of advantages. Serviceability, adjustability and depth control to mention a few. Upon completion of carpentry projects, we like to remind clients that the job is not complete. Treatment of a deck, fence or pergola that will be exposed to the elements is strongly recommended. This will most of the time extend the serviceable life of the product and enhance appearance.




Check out our Gallery for more examples of our work.

We keep up with industry standards and are enrolled in NCMA’s Installer Certification Program.

Paver Installation

-Interlocking concrete pavers delivers a sought after final product.It can withstand heavy loads and is frequently used for driveways as well as walkways and patios.Pavers contract and expand with the seasons and is much less prone to cracking.In the event of damage,repairs can be made quick and at reasonable cost.To keep impervious requirements in check, permeable systems can be installed.Pavers remain a favorite choice among homeowners, architects and contractors alike.

Segmental Retaining Walls


Check out our Gallery for more examples of our work.